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There's no such thing as bad PR... is there?
Posted By Steve
There’s no such thing as bad PR… is there?

We will have all heard the phrase there’s no such thing as bad PR.  The story goes that as along people are talking about you, even if it’s not at all complimentary, it’s all good!

No matter how terrible the subject matter maybe, PR is perceived to be good because it’s getting your name in the public consciousness, even if it’s for the reasons you may not have hoped!

However positive PR is far more favourable especially for small businesses and those of you in the third sector, and that’s what we are here to support you on.

We truly believe there is such a thing as bad publicity and while many individuals and brands eventually recover, one quick type in to a search engine, can soon ensure those headlines you would sooner forget raise their ugly heads again!

So the bad news received may not only do damage for at least the short term but also the longer and in some instance be irreversible!

It is, of course, up to the public to decide but when was the last time you visited a restaurant or a hotel with terrible review?

Bad PR is bad PR for a reason and should be well and truly steered well clear of!

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