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PR Heroes are here!
Posted By Steve
Have no fear, PR Heroes are here!


Allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are PR Heroes, champions of small businesses and charities up and down the UK.  Small businesses and charities create amazing stories each and every day, and PR Heroes are here to make sure those stories are shared with the masses, gaining the publicity they deserve and helping those businesses and charities to grow.

Between us, we boast decades of experience across a wide variety of industries and sectors businesses ranging from small start-ups to household name PLCs to charities.  We know what works, we know what doesn’t work, and we’ve got great contacts who are used to receiving world class copy from us.

Where do you come in?

We get a kick from doing great work for great people and great causes.  What that work looks like, well, that really depends on you.  We have a load of terrific ‘packaged’ services ready to go, with fixed, transparent pricing.  These range from the absolute basics which are there just to point you in the right direction through to service level agreements which see PR Heroes act as an extension of your marketing department and proactively managing PR on behalf of your organisation in line with your expectations.

We love our work, and we love to make a difference.  Get in touch today and we’ll step to it!